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Polyethylene based shopping bags are the most used material of the packaging industry due to its flexible nature. You can apply pressure on the colors you want on the bags. Polyethylene; semi-transparent, flexible, fracture resistance and high tensile rupture-tensile strength, resistant to shrinkage, it is now the preferred polymeric material type. It is possible to produce single layer and coex in our company. LDPE, MDPE and HDPE production.

Hand-Held Bag Manufacture It is produced from polyethylene material and is produced as single-layer film or multi-layer (coex) film. Original raw materials and raw materials of original quality are produced from recycled plastics. You can contact our customer representatives from our contact page to manufacture the best fit handbags for our customers. In the features you do not need, you can order the reinforced bag you need from your measurements and different printed bag options.

The athlete bag, which holds an important place in the retail sector, is mainly used in markets and bakeries. The athlete bags offer a wide interior space thanks to the bellows. In addition, the athlete bag is preferred because it is suitable for hand ergonomics. As Dosimpak Plastik, we offer a wide range of colors, sizes and thicknesses in athlete bag production in accordance with the demands of our customers.

Cargo bags are designed with security considerations in mind. With the transfer tape application, the envelope can be opened by falsification, and the double serial number printing on the envelope ensures the traceability of the sender. Transparent pocket application, invoice, shipment, note etc. in cargo envelope. It is attached.

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